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Yongji city Carey electric co., LTD. Was established in2006Years,Is located in yongji city west park covers an area of form a complete set of motor products10000?。Is a collection research and development、Production and sales for the integration of new technology enterprises,To go throughISO9001-2008Quality system certification,Mining products safety sign authentication,The company continuously devotes to research and development of large power shovel、Coal mine equipment、Wind power、Urban rail、Oil drilling in areas such as special small and medium-sized motor、Electrical appliances、Mechanical and electrical equipment and all kinds of test stand and other complete sets of electrical equipment。My company has high-precision CNC lathes、The grinding machine rotor production equipment、There are vertical imports、Horizontal machining center frame cover production equipment、There isVPIDip coating equipment、Hydraulic press、Motor type test bench of production testing equipment,There are multi-function bus bar machine、Test bench, etc...[More and more]
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Yongji city kerry electrical co., LTD
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