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About HongAn

The company has always been adhering to the““The good faith、Innovation is the eternal,High-quality goods、Personal character”The enterprise values。

Xuchang HongAn(Industry)Group is a collection of real estate development and sales、Professional management services and business market、Engineering construction、As one of the cross-industry、Across the region investment private enterprises。

Introduction to the group




The existing staff1000More than one



12Years of development history

Total assets of more than12One hundred million yuan

Hundred million

The company has always been the good faith management as the cornerstone,Pragmatic innovation for development relying on,Adhere to the people-centered enterprise dedication

The enterprise culture

Industry group

The company has developed into a collection of real estate development and sales、Professional management services and business market、Engineering construction、As one of the cross-industry、Across the region investment private enterprises。

HongAn property

Xuchang HongAn real estate development co., LTD., established in2006Years,National secondary qualification of real estate development enterprise,Scope of business is real estate development and sales。The company is located in the authors wenfeng road50Number,The registered capital11177Ten thousand yuan,Total assets of hundreds of millions of yuan。The existing staff63People,With professional and technical titles21People,College degree or above19People。

Henan sheng hua real estate co., LTD., founded in2011Years6Month23Day,Is the subsidiary of xuchang HongAn real estate development co., LTD。The company is located in xuchang city trade logistics park management committee hospital,The registered capital4000Ten thousand yuan。The company legal representative liu yi,Main business covers real estate development and operation、Water and electricity installation、Decoration engineering。The existing staff20More than one,With professional and technical titles10More than one。

Sheng hua real estate

Henan HongAn business management co., LTD is a professional engaged in business operation and management of the company,Is passionate for xuchang HongAn trade port operation of professional management company,Based on the mainland、To expand abroad,Together industry elite,Establish specialized team。The company unified investment promotion、Unified management、Unified marketing、Unified service、Uniform distribution、Unified quality assurance and a series of advanced and effective management mode to promote the whole market...

Business management

RongShen architecture

The data is finishing......

Was home

Beijing was the home of investment holding group co., LTD. Is a home for the main business,Platform for family consumption,Scope of business covers the interior design and decoration、Furniture building materials sales、Wisdom logistics、Commercial exhibition、Financial services、Cross-border electrical contractor、Food supermarket、Theaters catering、Children's entertainment、Physical fitness、Digital intelligence、The pension that occupy the home、Urban complex development in areas such as large commercial chain group co., LTD。Since the company1999Years since its founding......

Group dynamics

Stick to seeks the value for the customer、For the welfare of employees、For the social development of the enterprise purpose。

HongAn city of grand China merchants
7Month13Day-14Actually the home of dayDIYCeramic hot
2019Years6Month29Day,Before the founding of the communist party of China98Anniversary of the establishment,I trade port of party branch made the first title of party organizations at the grass-roots level。The commercial port of party branch in under the correct leadership of the party committees and governments at higher levels,Based on the actual,In the steady ShangXingYe fluctuation kongfu,Especially the party members' pilot studies on display and strict selection criteria,Make the party member the leading role of more outstanding,For commercial and trade port economic development play a positive role。Trade port of party branch many advanced practice and did many times by the superior department and the surrounding certainly brothers unit of learning。

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